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2017 We will be Celebrating our 50' Annual Event

We cant wait for everyone to join us June 16-25th, 2017

Road to Mammoth Schedule to follow soon but Round One to qualify is at Glen Helen on Feb 5th 2017.

Have a great holiday and start gett'n ready for an amazing Spring of racing all pointing to Mammoth and the 50th Annual Mammoth Motocross. 

vp  Mammoth Banner

Mammoth Motocross: Granddaddy of Them All turns 50'

Every summer since 1968 racers have flocked to Mammoth Mountain for this classic event. It is the oldest continuous running motocross in the USA. The track has changed a little over the years, but the fun hasn't.

Many of the top racers in the world have honed their skills at this event. There have been some epic battles over the years and many racers have made a name for themselves on this track.

Riders like Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Rick Johnson, Johnny O'Mara, Broc Glover, Donny Schmitt, Steve Lamson, Gary Jones, Kevin Windham, David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien, Bob Hannah, James Stewart, Mike Bell, Donny Hansen, Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, Eli Tomac and many more have raced Mammoth and moved on to giant success. 

It also become one of the major amateur events in the country as well. You can see the factory riders of tomorrow racing in the mini classes at Mammoth today.