10/31: Road to Mammoth Dates Released
Here we go for 2015 RTM. (Round #1) Feb 8th Glen Helen, (Round #2)Feb 22nd LACR,(Round #3)Mar 15th Porterville Mx, (Round #4) March 29th Oatfield MX(Round #5)April 12th Hangtown, and (Round #6)LCQ at Lake Elsinore May 10th. Make plans to join us for the funnest racing this season.

7/14: 2015 Dates for Mammoth Motocross [url]
June 19-28, 2015. Make your plans to attend a Road to Mammoth this Spring or enter in May of 2015. Check the link for RTM Updates/Schedules

6/9: Thanks for a Great Event [url]
Racers enjoyed a fantastic 10 days of racing and practice. We would like to thank everyone involved in the event and invite you all back for June 2015. Check the link for event coverage

5/29: Rider List is Up, Take a look!!! [url]
http://www.mammothmotocross.com/riderlist/?sort=cycleclass Rider List is up!!! Check your entry. if it says 'Call", call the office and we'll fix your duplicate numbers. More racers to post soon. 760-934-0605 Thanks for a great week and tons of entries. Some entries still available.

5/27: Link to Registration [url]
8am for the Vet Weekend and Vintage, 12 noon for Minis, 2pm for all others classes

5/26: Entry for Mammoth Open Tuesday 27th [url]
Entry for Vet Weekend/Smoke & Fire Vintage 8am. All Mini Classes at 12 noon, and all remaining CC classes at 2pm. Xtrm.com to get your profile ready and then get your classes and practice. 760 935-0605 for support. Entry for Qualified riders has now closed

5/19: WMX Round 4 at Mammoth June 29th [url]
We are very excited to welcome the WMX Womens National on Sunday June 29th. It the first time the Womens pro level racers have been to Mammoth in over 10 years. Come see the Nations' best get it done here this year. More details at the link.

5/14: Troy Lee and Fasthouse Joins Mammoth MX [url]
Troy Lee Designs and Fasthouse present the first annual Smoke and Fire National at Mammoth Motocross on June 21-22, 2014. The four-lap, Vintage Sprint Race follows the traditional two-moto format of the Mammoth Vet Weekend. Vintage racers will enjoy the prime, untouched track at Mammoth Motocross, starting off each day with the Star-Spangled Banner and a moto. Smoke and Fire National riders will race one moto each morning before heading out to enjoy the festivities for the afternoon. In celebration of motocross’s colorful history, participants can run a 1975 bike on Gate #2 and newer vintage will be on the 1st gate. Smoke and Fire National. Flannel shirts, jeans, or period gear are encouraged. Vintage bikes will be on display for fans over the course of the weekend. Rumor has it we may see a few super heroes of the sport participating on the pride of their garage. In order to accommodate riders of all skill levels, we’re doing it old-school: motos will be conducted with the 2-gate wave start, with fast guys in the first gate and the riff-raff to follow. The winner of the Smoke and Fire National will receive a Troy Lee Designs Prize Package, a celebratory Cigar, and the mad respect of moto fans everywhere. Don’t miss this opportunity to return to the roots of more than 45 years of racing at Mammoth and see what it must have felt like to circle this classic raceway back in the day. Sign-ups will be available May 27, 2014. Dust off that Racer and be ready…

5/13: Qualified Entry Link is open through the 22nd. [url]
Qualifiers are done and the riders qualified can follow the link to "I qualified" and get your classes now. Entry is forfeited at end of day on the May 22nd and given back to the public entry. Public entry for non-qualified riders opens on the 27th and there will be a limited number of entries for most classes. Get'em Now!!

3/28: Round #3 Report is up [url]
MyLucasOil.com race report is up from Round #3

3/19: Round #3 RTM Video is [url]
Take a look at the community we are creating each week with our RTM/King of the West events. Austin White nailed this weekends event at Porterville. Enjoy!!!

3/6: MyLucasOil.com race recap for Round 2 RTM [url]
Here's a link to Race Report Round 2 of the Monster Energy Road to Mammoth MX series. Be aware that it is a multimedia magazine so keep an eye out for hyperlinks--click in order to view photo slideshow, video, etc.

2/18: 2X Promotions and MyLucasOil.com Video of Round 1 Glen Helen [url]
Check out the Video coverage of Round #1. Go fast and get out front at round 2 and you'll be next.

2/8: Glen Helen Round #1 RTM Race Report [url]
Check out the race report from Superbowl Weekend. Great time by all at Glen Helen.

11/21: 2014 Mammoth Motocross Dates
We are very excited to release the dates for the 2014 Mammoth Motocross. June 20-29, 2014 will be the week not to miss in beautiful Mammoth Lakes. Classes and schedules to be posted soon Call 760-934-0605 for more info

3/14: Round 1 Road to Mammoth Video. [url]
Round one of the RTM and King of the West at Comp Edge. Great to see long time Mammoth friend Jessy Nelson, ripping our pro class.

8/13: Some photos from Gale Webb's perspective [url]
These are some great shots by Gale and More to come she sent me close to 1000 shots to go through. Take a look.



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