Practice Days 2014

Vet Practice, June 20
Mini Practice, June 23
Others, June 26

Practice passes are pre-sold with entry only on a first come, first served basis, limit 400.

Vet Race Weekend +30/+40/+50 Race Days 2014

June 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday). 2014

Mini Race Days 2014

June 24-25, (Tuesday-Wednesday). 2014

Open Racing, Schoolboy 1&2, 25+, Women +12

June 27, (Friday) 2014 

250 Day, FMF 2 Stroke Challenge/College Boy

June 28, (Saturday). 2014

450cc Race Day 2014 450, 250B/C Open, AMA WMX

June 29,  (Sunday).

USFS Requirement


  • Washing of bike in the forest is prohibited. There are facilities in the Town of Mammoth Lakes for washing. Enforcement could occur
Absolutely No bike washing at the track!

No Camping at the Track
      All racers are required to exit the facility each evening and return each morning

Plate Colors Required

Riders responsibility to have the correct number and background prior to staging for first moto:

Red Backgrounds for King of the West Class Winners Only
WMX - Requires Blue Backgrounds/White Numbers

All C Classes - White Backgrounds/Black Numbers
65cc 6-8 - White Backgrounds/Black Numbers
85cc 9-11 - White Backgrounds/Black Numbers

All B Classes - Black Backgrounds/White Numbers
65cc 9-11- Black Backgrounds/White Numbers
Mini Sr 1 12-13 - Black Backgrounds/White Numbers

All Pro/A Classes - Yellow Backgrounds/Black Numbers

Troy Lee Smoke and Fire Vintage - Your Choice
All Master A/B – Your Choice
All Master C - Your Choice
50cc – Your Choice
65cc Open - Your Choice
Mini Sr 2 9-14 Your choice
Supermini 1,2 - Your Choice
Schoolboy 1,2 - Your Choice
College Boy - Your Choice
All Women – Your Choice
WMX AMA- Your Choice
Two Stroke Challenge – Your Choice
+25 A/B/C – Your Choice